• Energy Requirements
    Voltage: 220 VCA, 1 phase, 60 Hz
    Current: 4 Amp
    Power: 850 Watts

  • Capacity
    30 jobs / hour

  • Work Lens

  • Dimensions
    Height:  5'3"
    Width:  3'
    Depth:  2'7"

Digital Free Form Polisher

Augen EasyForm® FF-2LP is a fast, tough polisher that follows progressive and aspheric design curves to preserve surface integrity.

Featuring dual independent polishing arms, EasyForm FF2LP includes an easy-to-read monitor for tracking both arms simultaneously, and parts for making your own replacement tools for increased savings.

Fast and Tough

  • Robust, tough polishing machine runs cool with minimal moving parts
  • Built to handle rigors of 24/7 operation
  • Cuts traditional lens polish times in half

Preserves Surface Integrity

  • Precisely follows progressive and aspheric design curves to preserve the integrity of the lens surface while producing a deep polish
  • Follows high curves up to 6 cylinders, requiring fewer tool changes

Saves Tool Costs

Parts and guidelines for making your own polishing tools included, saving typical costs and down time in ordering and waiting for replacements.

Easy-to-Use Monitor

Large-button, user-friendly touch screen monitor provides views of both arms simultaneously for maximum control and efficiency.


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