• Network Connection
    Connector:  RJ-45
    Type:  Ethernet interface 100BASE-TX

  • Wavelength
    10.3 microns (infrared)

  • Power Supply
    100-240 Volts A/C, 50/60 Hertz, 12 Amps

  • Environmental Requirements
    Temperature:  73.4 +/- 41oF (23 +/- 5oC)
    Relative humidity:  Non-condensing 10 to 90%
    Maximum altitude:  9,842 ft (3,000 m)

Laser Engraving System

Augen EasyForm® Laser Engraving System is a compact, air-cooled CO2 laser unit that engraves with precision in approximately two seconds per lens.  All types of thermo and thermostable plastics can be engraved using a variety of image formats.

The large 17" touch screen allows maximum control of programming and commands.

Precision Engraving in 2 Seconds

  • Precisely engraves each lens in about 2 seconds
  • Engraves all types of thermo and thermostable plastics, metal, glass, wood and organic materials
  • Accepts a full range of common image formats including hpgl, tiff, jpeg and png
  • Geometric figures library included

Sophisticated, Reliable Performance

  • 10 watts of peak power, 4mm beam output, 4 milliradians divergence with vertical polarization
  • Text capture in vector and graphical formats
  • Video camera for positioning with two-axis galvanometric scanner

Large Touch-Screen for Maximum Control

  • 17" touch screen system for programming and commands
  • 70 x 70mm inscription area
  • Optimum engraving point at 120 microns

Designed for Ease of Use

  • Autonomous graphical composition
  • Emergency shut-off
  • Electrical cabinet and power
  • Protected inscription cell
  • USB and network (Ethernet) ports
  • Scanning mirrors
  • Door sensor

Engraving Accessories
Adjustment Mount
  • Quick-change eyeglasses holding tool
  • Position adjustment for logo and trademark engravings
  • Lens engraving in about 2 seconds

Semi-Visible Imprints

  • Height calibration tool for completed progressive lenses
  • Factory standard calibration covers about 95% of all Rx’s
  • Semi-visible markings for all types of optical material


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