• Energy Requirements
    Voltage: 220 VCA, 60 Hz
    Current: 4 Amp
    Power: 850 Watts

  • Lens Diameter
    38-85mm based on blocking ring

  • Blocking Height

  • Blocking Diameter
    48-73mm with adapter rings starting from 33mm diameter

  • Dimensions
    Height:  2'
    Width:  1' 8"
    Depth:  2'

  • Weight
    132 lb.

Speed Blocker

EasyForm® FF-SB Speed Blocker outperforms dual station blockers by eliminating the need for cool-down time, ensuring high accuracy in surface geometry, and processing at a high volume -- up to 160 lenses per hour.

The large-button touch-screen monitor is easy to follow, making operation simple and reliable.

No Cool Down Required

  • Precise heat control and machined blocks minimize amount of alloy required, decreasing block set-up time and eliminating the need for cool down time
  • No need for second station for cool-down process – blocked lenses go straight from Speed Blocker to generator, increasing productivity

High Accuracy in Surface Geometry

No measurable curve deviation after blocking due to machined blocks and minimal required alloy.

Increased Productivity

  • Blocks fast, up to 160 lenses per hour in all powers, from plano to high curves
  • No need to scrape alloy feed with makeshift accessories; alloy remains warm and liquid, never clogging the feed with hardened substrate
  • Color coded blocks increase ease of block selection

Easy-to-Use Monitor

Large-button touch-screen monitor, perfected over 15 years, is easy to understand and simple to operate.


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